FAQ at Mastering Boutique


Can I choose the songs I want on the record ?


You can send any audio files for us to record your on your vinyl.

We do not download them from sporify, Itunes, etc....

You need to send the actual audio files.


How many songs can I record per side ?


We can fit up to 22 minutes per side in a 12” record. And 7 minutes per side on a 7” record. (depending on playback speed)


Do you print album jackets ?


No, we do not print jackets.

We do print full color center labels.

And all records come with a white blank antistatic sleeve.


Can I print anything I want on the center label ?


Yes, but you need to send us the label design using our Adobe Illustrator template found in our website.



How do I send you the files ?


There is a link for wetransfer.com in our website, under the “vinyl shop” tab.



How do I place an order ?


Please go to our “vinyl shop” tab in our website and select your products, then pay using your credit/debit card.


How long does it take to make my records ?


Usually 2 weeks.



What shipping courier you use ?


USPS Priority Mail, we will send you an email confirming your shipping and a tracking number.



Do I need to remaster my songs for vinyl ?


No, you don’t.

We will check them and will let you know if there is something wrong.



33 1/3 or 45 RPM ?


If you are not an expert or advanced vinyl consumer, please select 33 1/3 RPM for your records.



What colors you can make the vinyl ?


Black or Clear.

But we can make certain colors for special orders at a price.


Are these laquer or acetate records ?


No, they are vinyl records made of PVC.

They do not degrade over time.

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