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Mixing blends the ingredients of a song to sound amazing.

Mastering enhances the mix by making it radio/streaming ready. 

We offer mastering for vinyl and digital release.

We also work with stems for maximum flexibility during mastering stage.

( SSL, Tube Tech, Chandler, Neve, Trident, Urei, API, TC Electronic, Pro Tools,  analog sound and digital domain ! )

Send your .wav or .aiff files.

  • Mix Feedback/Review

  • CD Mastering

  • Mastering for Vinyl

  • Audio Post Production

  • Stem Mastering

  • Verification of File Format – Analysis of file type, bit depth, sample rate & any possible errors.

  • Dynamic Optimization – With a focus on punch and overall energy.

  • Frequency Balancing – With a focus mix translation between different playback systems.

  • Mono Compatibility – Verifying center and mid-side elements.

  • Loudness Optimization – Multiple song projects have consistent commercially competitive LUFS levels.

  • Multiple Delivery Formats – 44.1kHz/16-bit Masters for CDs & Standard Digital Distribution and High Res 96khz/24-bit Masters for MFiT (Mastered for iTunes).

  • Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Optional: DDP file for CD manufacturing 

Rec / Mix / Edit rate by the hour $ 50

Mastering rate per song $ 75 ( 7 minutes aprox. max time )

1 song Mix/Mastering $250 (up to 3 revisions)

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